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            April 3, 中国体彩app官方下载

            COVID -19 UPDATE

            Our university community continues to respond to the COVID-19 situation in outstanding ways.  Our students and employees have shown amazing support for one another in this unprecedented time. During this time of social distancing, the importance of staying connected cannot be emphasized enough.  Please continue to help and take care of each other.

            We are all experiencing changes to our communities, our personal lives, and the increased challenges of just getting around today. We understand how all of this is further compounded by the additional stress of the end of the term. We hear you. We have worked to provide the best solutions for as many of our students, faculty and staff as possible. We know these are not perfect solutions, nor permanent solutions, and do not perfectly fit every individual situation or circumstance. As a result, faculty and staff are continuing to develop additional options for students and we are finalizing solutions which will address academic needs. We have also been working with individual faculty and students regarding technical issues that we have been made aware of.

            On Monday, we expect to be able to share additional options and support information. We have heard from many of you that the solutions implemented thus far are working as well as from those who have requested additional information or assistance.  In the meantime, if you are having issues with individual quizzes or assignments, please make your instructors aware.  Again, we understand that your individual needs may require individual solutions. 

            Please continue to monitor your email as more specific information regarding your program will be forthcoming. 

            We appreciate your continued support of National University and each other.  We continue to work toward solutions that balance the current challenges we all face and keeping our students on track in completing their academic goals without delay.

            ESSE QUAM VIDERI


            March 27, 中国体彩app官方下载

            COVID - 19 Update

            We are providing this continued communication to update the university community regarding the current coronavirus situation. As of this time, the university, which includes our on-campus housing, has no confirmed cases of COVID-19. We appreciate the university community's adherence to social distancing practices and shelter-in-place and safe-at-中国体彩app官方下载 mandates.

            Academic Schedule

            As information has unfolded and been made available to the university, we have tried to stay as close to the normal academic schedule as possible. This has been done to provide the best possible academic experience that can be offered. This has also allowed us to make necessary changes to meet the accommodations of our current community situation.

            Current trimester:

            • Weeks 12 - 13 remain unchanged in their on-line format.

            • Weeks 14 and 15 (Final Exams) will be moved to an on-line format. As usual and customary, a final exam schedule will be posted on the student portal and shared via email.

            • Clinic intern rotations will remain in an on-line format through week 17. Interns who were expecting to graduate on April 24th, will graduate without a commencement ceremony as long as all requirements have been completed.


            Summer Trimester

            For the first three weeks of the summer trimester, we will continue with our on-line learning format. We are mindful of the need to update the campus community as quickly as possible regarding changes in academic delivery. Based on current information, the decision was made to afford faculty and staff time to prepare. Again, our goal is to maintain as normal an academic experience as possible. We will continue to assess the opportunity to return to a face-to-face learning format as we gain information on the COVID-19 situation. We are reluctant at this time to speculate beyond the first few weeks of the summer term.



            In lieu of travel bans, social distancing and mandates regarding congregating, earned diplomas will be mailed. Students should provide the Department of Student 中国体彩app官方下载 with the appropriate information. As commencement is the culmination of your academic journey and held in the highest of regard by the university, we understand your disappointment. We apologize for this unfortunate circumstance but we must consider not only the current mandates but the resources required to carry out the actual ceremony or other alternative formats that have been suggested. Graduates are welcome to participate in a future commencement ceremony.


            Employee Update

            We ask that all staff and faculty please continue to coordinate schedules with their supervisors. We appreciate the flexibility of our university employees as we work through the current situation and remain productive.


            March 20, 中国体彩app官方下载

            COVID - 19 Update

            University Community,

            We are providing this continued communication to update the university community regarding the current coronavirus situation. As of this time, the university has no confirmed cases of COVID-19.

            We are incredibly proud of the way the university community has come together in this unprecedented time. Our faculty and staff have been steadfast in addressing and solving the many challenges put before us.


            Academic Schedule

            Next week begins the on-line phase of our academic plan. The on-line portion of the plan, as you know, continues through week 13 of the trimester. With that said, this afternoon, we expect to hear from the Illinois governor regarding a possible change in guidance for the state. This may in fact outline stricter guidelines for the residents of Illinois.

            At this time, we do not anticipate that such a change would disrupt our on-line academic plan for either campus. Should the governor's address necessitate changes to the current plan, those changes will be communicated as quickly as possible. We cannot stress enough that we continue to reassess and reevaluate the university's plan for the remaining portion of the trimester.


            Employee Update

            At this time, we are not certain as to the impact of the governor's address on next week's altered employee schedule. Your supervisor will reach out to you today regarding the necessary changes.


            March 18, 中国体彩app官方下载

            COVID - 19 Update

            We are providing this continued communication to update the university community regarding the current coronavirus situation. As of this time, the university has no confirmed cases of COVID-19.


            Clinic Update

            Effective Thursday, March 19, all NUHS clinics on the Florida and Illinois campuses will be closed. This includes Lombard, Aurora, Pinellas Park, HEC, and Salvation Army clinics. All clinical internships including outside preceptorships and hospital clerkships will be paused until Monday, April 6. We have been in communication with programmatic accreditors regarding state and federal mandates/guidelines and at this time, there is no indication that these changes will affect students' ability to graduate on schedule.

            Information is being shared with clinicians regarding student requirements during the temporary clinical shutdown. Interns who have been out on clinical internships will return to the purview of their original NUHS clinician. Interns and clinicians will be participating in on-line educational experiences. Please understand that this plan outlines the next two weeks, however, the fluid nature of this situation may mandate additional changes. At this time, we cannot ignore that other states have implemented increased measures to curtail public gatherings and in some instances directed their population to shelter-in-place. Therefore, the plan we are sharing here is informed by the most current information available to the university.


            Academic Schedule

            On Friday March 13, we outlined the special schedule for the remainder of the trimester. For Weeks 11-13 (March 23 - April 10), laboratory classes were to be held face-to-face. This format is now changing to an on-line structure. Therefore, all face-to-face laboratories are cancelled for the same time period, Weeks 11-13 (March 23 - April 10), and all labs will continue in an on-line format.

            Final exams, as previously outlined, will be held on campus. Lab exams will be held during week 14 and lecture exams will be held during week 15. Detailed schedules will be communicated at a later date.


            Campus Facilities

            The following buildings on the Illinois campus will be available:

            • Lombard library - students and employees only, weekdays only

            • Lombard clinic - employees only, contact campus security for access

            • Janse building - students and employees only, weekdays only with limited access

            • Residence halls - open as normal

            All Florida campus facilities are closed.


            Commencement Ceremony

            In response to state and federal guidance regarding COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the April commencement ceremony. At this time, this should not affect your ability to graduate on schedule if you have met all graduation requirements by April 24th. Additional details regarding commencement will be communicated at a later date.


            March 16, 中国体彩app官方下载

            We continue to reevaluate the plan as proposed on Friday, March 13 as governmental guidelines are developing, sometimes by the hour. As of this time, the university has no confirmed cases of COVID-19.

            This past weekend, we very much appreciate that the NUHS community was very active in sharing information and reaching out with questions. As such, we want to provide the following update.


            Federal Work Study Update

            The University understands that Federal Work Study (FWS) is an important resource to many students as it is used to supplement the federal and institutional aid that had been awarded. As we do not want this crisis to become a financial burden to students who rely on their FWS earnings, the University will be paying students their remaining FWS eligibility during the upcoming payroll periods of the trimester. Remaining eligibility has been calculated as of the last payroll period (payroll date 3/13/20) and is based on the FWS voucher completed by the student and department which will be split and paid equally during the upcoming payroll periods of the trimester. To be eligible, students must have been paid for at least one pay period during the current trimester. All paychecks will be mailed to the address on file with the Payroll Coordinator. Please email Fran Morgan, Payroll Coordinator (fmorgan@), for address verification.


            Employee Update

            We understand and appreciate that employees need clarity regarding the upcoming days and weeks of their work environment and how this can be complicated by their individual situation and family. Therefore, on Tuesday, all employees will be meeting with their budget center managers to discuss how their individual departments will be meeting the needs of the university in the foreseeable future while on the special schedule outlined in the March 13 update. Budget center managers will outline several options available to employees which will allow the university to be productive while maintaining a safe work environment. The university continues to underscore the CDC guidelines which emphasizes the importance of personal preparedness and enabling social distancing.


            University Facilities

            Enhanced cleaning of high traffic areas is taking place on the Illinois campus which includes more frequent attention by custodial services. Special attention is being placed on high touch areas such as doors, door knobs and work surfaces. Our current cleaning products have been verified to be effective by our suppliers. Facility personnel have been reassigned as needed to support these efforts. At the Florida campus, St. Petersburg College department of facilities planning and institutional services is using disinfectant cleaners in all high exposure areas, including restrooms, cafes, and areas where people congregate.

            We have received multiple inquiries regarding the decision to close the Fitness Center on the Illinois campus. We recognize the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy person and how this serves our on-campus community, however, the extremely high-touch nature of the equipment necessitated this decision. Key facilities personnel were directed to prioritize the cleaning efforts of the essential academic areas.



            We have received inquiries regarding what is being done in our clinics. Interns have been asked to practice social distancing while in the clinic and therefore are encouraged to spread out and utilize other locations in the clinic while not with patients. Personal preparedness cannot be stressed enough and when coupled with the below measures provides for an effective protective strategy for both clinic staff/interns and patients.

            Additional protocols for screening patients have been implemented and include:

            • Calling patients before their treatment time with appropriate screening questions. If the patient is deemed at risk, they will be asked to reschedule their appointment.
            • All patients, and those accompanying them, will be screened for fever in the reception area.

            Lombard Whole Health Center access will be limited to the front door.

            Interns have been instructed to follow enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols. In addition, interns should not report to clinic if they're experiencing cough, fever, and/or shortness of breath.


            We continue to appreciate the hard work from all of the university departments and will be providing more updates as information changes and or becomes available.


            March 13, 中国体彩app官方下载

            NUHS Community

            NUHS is closely monitoring COVID-19 actively and is committed to the health and safety of our students, employees, and patients. The administration is carefully monitoring updates from the Illinois Department of Public Health, the State of Florida Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO). As future decisions are made regarding this issue, we will communicate the most up-to-date information available via the website and email.

            While there are currently no known cases of COVID-19 within the National University of Health Sciences community, we must do our part to combat the spread of this coronavirus. Our goal right now is to FLATTEN THE CURVE in order to limit the spread of the disease.

            The finite resources of our national healthcare system can only handle a certain number of sick patients at any given time. If we are able to "Flatten the Curve" this will spread the number of cases over time which will help to keep our healthcare systems within capacity.

            Image 001

            With the information we know at this time, we have developed a plan that will address weeks 10 - 15. It is important to note that this a rapidly evolving situation and we will continue to update the university community. Going forward, we will provide a weekly update each Friday. However, additional updates will be made as the situation warrants.

            In-person classes will be cancelled from March 16 - 20 (Week 10)
            In order to address the need for social distancing, the university is cancelling classes during Week 10. To maintain the academic standards of the university, faculty and staff will be dedicating time to successfully transition in-person classes to an on-line format. Note: Clinical shifts and observations will continue as scheduled.

            Note: Current on-line courses will continue as scheduled.

            On-line classes and in-person labs will be held March 23 - April 17 (Weeks 11-14)

            Lecture classes will be delivered in an on-line format. Laboratory classes and laboratories will continue in a face-to-face format. However, the schedule will be modified in order to reduce risk from social interaction. Schedules are being developed and will be available by the end of week 10. Note: Clinical shifts and observations will continue as scheduled.

            Final Exams (Weeks 14 and 15)
            It is currently planned for laboratory finals to be held on campus during week 14 and lecture finals during week 15. Detailed schedules will be communicated at a later date.

            In response to state and federal guidance regarding COVID-19, a decision regarding the April 24thCommencement will be made in the near future. Details will be communicated as soon as they are finalized. We encourage individuals to refrain from making travel arrangements until that time.

            Faculty and Staff
            Faculty and staff are expected to report to work as per their normal schedule until further notice. All university sponsored travel is suspended until further notice. All future travel will be evaluated by the appropriate vice president. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who is a confirmed COVID-19 patient and/or recently traveled to a location with a Level 2 or 3 travel notice, please stay 中国体彩app官方下载, contact a health care provider and notify NUHS Human Resources.

            Campus Facilities and 中国体彩app官方下载

            Whole Health Centers in Lombard, Aurora, Salvation Army, Stroger, Pinellas Park and SPC will remain open and clinic shifts will continue as scheduled. For those students currently participating in preceptorships or planning to participate in a preceptorship they should contact the Dean of Clinics for important information and guidelines.

            Campus Housing
            Campus housing will remain open. Students are encouraged to follow the Personal Preparedness guidelines listed below.

            Hours during week 10 - 8:30am-5:00pm The LRC will be closed to the public until further notice.

            Fitness Center
            Closed until further notice.

            Campus 中国体彩app官方下载
            Employees in the business office, financial aid office and the registrar's office will be available via email or phone during normal business hours. Please use email or phone to request services when possible. Campus security in Illinois will be maintained as usual. Security in Florida will be determined by St. Petersburg College.

            Personal Preparedness
            We strongly encourage NUHS students and employees to follow the recommendations provided below to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and all respiratory viruses:

            • Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
            • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
            • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
            • Stay 中国体彩app官方下载 when you are sick.
            • If you are concerned about your symptoms, seek advice from your primary care provider or other appropriate healthcare professional.
            • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
            • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
            • Stay 中国体彩app官方下载 when a household member is sick with respiratory disease symptoms.
            • Stay isolated at 中国体彩app官方下载 if you have been in contact with anyone who has recently traveled to a Travel Health Notice country中国体彩app官方下载.
            • If you may have been exposed, contact the county health department for instruction before proceeding to a physician or hospital.

            Non-Discrimination Notice
            NUHS is committed to maintaining an environment of respect and freedom from discrimination and to supporting all members of our community. Please be mindful not to make any assumptions or comments about others' perceived symptoms (a cough or fever is not uniquely associated with COVID-19) or based on someone's national origin, race, color, or other identities. If someone you know has experienced discrimination, please contact Student 中国体彩app官方下载 and/or Human Resources.

            Questions regarding the following:

            • Classes and laboratories should be directed to the appropriate faculty
            • Clinic shifts and observations should be directed to the programmatic chief clinician
            • Accommodations or other student services should be directed to the Dean of Students
            • Employee questions should be directed to Human Resources

            Ongoing updates are available from:

            Please remember that this is a dynamic situation and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work to keep our community safe and healthy.